A12. Edamame
Broiled soy beans.
A13. Shumai
Steamed or fried shrimp dumplings.
A14. Tako Su
Octopus and cucumber ponzu sauce.
A15. Kani Su
Crab stick and cucumber ponzu sauce.
A16. Sunomono
Seafood with special vinegar sauce.
A17. Gyoza Dumpling
Fried pork dumpling.
A18. Tempura
Batter-fried shrimp and veggies.
A19. Chicken Kara-Age
Seasoned fried chicken
A20. Vegetable Gyoza Dumpling $4.50
A21. Chicken Negi Maki $6.95
A22. Soft Shell Crab
Deep fried soft shell crab
A23. Chicken Yakitori
Chicken on the skewer
A24. Beef Negimaki
Thin sliced beef sauteed with scallion
A25. Haru Maki
Fried vegetable spring roll
A26. Beef Yakitori $6.50
A27. Spicy Crunchy Lover
Seaweed tempura bottom, spicy tuna, salmon, kani, white tuna, yellowtail top
A29. Fish Oyster (5 pcs) $7.95
A31. Black Pepper Tuna Salad
Seared tuna with Japanese wasabi dressing
A32. Pepper Tuna Tataki
Sliced pepper tuna w. homemade Japanese dressing