Special Roll

SP01. Bagel Roll
Deep fried roll, eel with smoked salmon, cheese and scallion.
SP02. Benhana Roll
On top: tuna and avocado.
Inside: spicy salmon and cucumber
SP03. Dragon Roll
On top: avocado and flying fish roe.
Inside: eel and cucumber
SP04. Eel Dragon Roll
On top: Eel, flying fish roe
Inside: cucumber, avocado and crabmeat
SP05. Futo Maki
Egg, cucumber, crab stick, oshinko, yamogobo, avocado and flying fish roe
SP06. Golden Dragon
On top: shrimp and avocado
Inside: spicy tuna cucumber
SP07. Hanada Roll
On top: Salmon and avocado.
Inside: spicy tuna and cucumber
SP08. Kani Dragon Roll
Salmon and mango inside with spicy crab stick on top.
SP09. King Roll
Shrimp tempura with Lobster Salad, caviar on top
SP10. Maru Roll
White tuna, red snapper, salmon, tuna masago, cucumber.
SP11. Mango Special Roll
Tuna, Salmon, avocado with tempura flake & mango, caviar on top.
SP12. Manhattan Roll
Spicy tuna, crunchy with avocado caviar on top.
SP13. New York Roll
Salmon skin, scallion, crab stick, avocado cucumber, caviar with spicy sauce.
SP14. Phoenix Roll
Shrimp tempura with spicy tuna on top.
SP15. Rainbow Roll
On top: salmon, tuna, fluke, avocado.
Inside: crab stick and cucumber
SP16. Shrimp Tempura Roll (8 Pcs)
Deep fried shrimp with lettuce, cucumber, and flying fish roe
SP17. Spider Roll (8 Pcs)
Deep fried soft shell crab with lettuce, mayonnaise and flying fish roe
SP18. Spicy Dragon Roll
Spicy tuna crunchy inside, with eel avocado on top.
SP19. Spicy Lover Roll
Spicy tuna inside and spicy salmon outside
SP20. Super Roll
Shrimp tempura inside, eel, avocado with tobiko on top
SP21. Tuna Naruto Roll
Fresh tuna and avocado, wrapped with cucumber
SP22. Volcano Roll
Spicy tuna, mango, spicy salmon, wrapped with cucumber
SP23. Veggies Futo Maki $7.95
SP24. Yummy Roll
Crab Stick, mango, avocado, wrapped with cucumber
SP25. Million Dollar Roll
Tuna, salmon with avocado. Topped with spicy yellowtail
SP26. Spicy Girl Roll
Spicy tuna light fried, topped with spicy kani
SP27. Salmon Naruto Roll
Fresh salmon & avocado, wrapped w. cucumber
SP28. Yellowtail Naruto Roll
Fresh yellowtail & avocado, wrapped w. cucumber
SP29. Spicy Krazy Roll
Spicy tuna crunchy, avocado, top white tuna caviar & spicy mayo
SP30. Black Dragon Roll
Spicy salmon shrimp tempura top eel, tobiko, mayo, spicy mayo, eel sauce
SP31. Tokyo Roll
Spicy shrimp, spicy kina, mango, top salmon mayo
SP32. Hot Lady Roll
Black pepper tuna w. avocado topped w. spicy tuna
SP33. Queen Roll
Eel, Avocado, Masago, Eel Sauce & Spicy Mayo w. Shrimp Tempura, Spicy Crabmeat & Cucumber
SP34. Fuji Roll
Masago, Scallion, Eel Sauce, and Spicy Mayo w. Tuna, Crabmeat & Cream Cheese (Deep Fried)
SP35. Heart Attack Roll
Spicy Salmon, Spicy Mayo & Eel Sauce w. Soft Shell Crab, Spicy Tuna & Avocado
SP36. Spider King Roll
Eel, Salmon, Avocado, Masago, Eel Sauce & Sweet Sauce w. Soft Shell Crab & Mango
SP37. Dancing Salmon Roll
Salmon w. Shrimp, Eel & Avocado
SP38. Spicy Tuna Tempura Roll
Spicy Tuna, Crabmeat & Avocado (Deep Fried)
SP39. Fire Cracker Roll
Tuna, Crunch, Eel Sauce & Spicy Mayo w. Shrimp Tempura, Crabmeat, Cucumber & Avocado
SP40. Godzilla Roll
Avocado, Masago & Sweet Sauce w. Spicy Tuna Crunch & Crabmeat